Expertise, creativity and responsiveness


A professional, responsive and creative team, using high-performance production and logistics tools, with a solid network: this is the essence of SCHRÖDER & SCHŸLER, and the reflection of its competence.

An expert team
to assist you
at every moment

At SCHRÖDER & SCHŸLER, the entire team is committed to placing their clients' projects at the heart of the company and its priorities.

Our employees spare no efforts to put all their expertise, reactivity and creativity at the service of the unique and specific needs of their clients, at every stage of a project: wine selection, brand creation, logistical follow-up, communication and sales development

An innovative storage
and packaging site

SCHRÖDER & SCHŸLER also has a state-of-the-art storage site, SICSOE that meets current quality standards (international IFS, BRC and ISO 9002 norms).

The site includes a stainless steel vat with a volume of 40,000 hectoliters and a highly secured storage zone of 6,000m2 offering ideal conditions of temperature and hygrometry for optimal storage of the wines.

A strong supply
and distribution network

Whether for the purchase or distribution of wines, SCHRÖDER & SCHŸLER works closely with its privileged partners.

Its skills and expertise in the knowledge of Bordeaux wines allow the company to provide both Grands Crus and small châteaux at excellent value for money. Developing long-term distribution networks and partnerships is part of its work toward increasing the outreach of Bordeaux wines in France and abroad.